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Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing By Roofer Milwaukee Wi

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Only your roofer Milwaukee Wi can distinguish the exact differences between commercial and residential roofing. You may think that commercial roofing is the same as residential roofing. But the fact is far more different than that. From the materials till the time of the project, everything varies in the case of commercial roofing. Let us help you to distinguish the differences between the two.

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing


Design is the most vital distinction of any project, commercial or residential. We all understand that the size of commercial structures will be larger than the residential ones. The size of a home will be around 1600 square feet to 2500 square feet. But for commercial buildings, it may start from 5000 square feet till 16000 square feet or more than that.

It depends on the project owner’s requirements. If the owner wants, he can reduce or increase the size. So, to provide the roof with enough support for this colossal structure and weight, you will need the assistance of professionals who have years of experience. But for the residential roof, you will only have a high roof, which is easier to install.


The materials requirements for a commercial project will be much more than the home projects. It also depends on size, design, open spaces, etc. But one thing’s for sure, the materials needed here will be much stronger. To make the roof long-lasting, it is essential. When the roof is solid, you will need to pay less attention.

So that there is no need for any maintenance or the amount of care is low. In addition, you have to add air conditioning, ventilation, and other elements to the facilities. It is a support to the design. The materials which are high rank in the list of durable materials are- asphalt, ceramic, tile, slate shingles, solar shingles, metal roofing, wood shakes, etc. 

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As commercial roofing space is enormous, you have to take maintenance seriously. To avoid the blockages, you have to take caution earlier. Cleaning the leaves and dirt will help you a lot from blocking the gutter. The roof starts to crumble after exposure to the sun for many days. To know the conditions of the roof, you need to inspect it regularly after every 2 or 3 months.

The materials may crack, and replacing some like shingles will save you from replacing the whole roof. In case the gutters get blocked, you should clean them. Otherwise, the water will stay on the roof for a long time. It may cause leaks on the roof. Which is another problem you should think of.    

Installation And Cost

The most crucial fact about commercial roofing is its installation and cost. The vast difference between residential and commercial roofing lies in it. Getting a free estimate or quote will help you estimate the approximate installation cost. You may need to add some amounts with it, or you may cost less than the amount.

But you have to prepare for it in advance. Your budget is an important thing. But for sure, your budget for a commercial project needs to be huge. If you think of shortcut ways to minimize the cost, the materials will not be durable enough. Eventually, your roof will start to show problems before crossing the expiry date.

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Final Words

The expert roofer Milwaukee Wi will help you from all sides to get ideas about the fundamental differences between commercial and residential roofing. Your thoughts will be more potent when you practically construct a roof. The experience will make you a pro in the case of roofing in the future!

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