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Parts Of Fencing Company Austin

Whenever you look at a beautiful fence, you will say it is a lovely fence. But you may also want to know sometimes about the different parts of a fence needed for fencing company Austin. Well, there are many. But we will specify them for you. Today we will learn about the parts of two different fences: Vinyl fences and Wrought Iron fences. 

Parts Of Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is well known as the alternative to wood in the case of fencing. Their maintenance is straightforward. Pests don’t attack them, or they don’t rot. They are plastic but with more stable features than wood or plastic. They don’t get disfigured in the fire too. Parts of vinyl fence are:


The posts are used as the support of your structure. After every 6 to 8 feet, they are placed in the field. Usually, they are large pieces vertically seen between the panels.     

Fencing Company Austin

Post Caps

The cap of a post is used to the top of the post. Thus, the look of the post becomes very beautiful and smooth. 


With the help of the panels, the surface of any fence is created. They also can be placed between the fence posts. It is possible to have privacy panels or picket panels for vinyl. 


Pickets are kept between the posts to build up the fence. They also stand in a vertical position. In the case of vinyl, pickets are used in large panels instead of separate pickets. Thus, the installation becomes very simple. 


Rails are also utilized to create the surface of the fence. They are put between fences for that. There is a difference between rails and pickets. Rails are placed horizontally, and pickets are placed vertically.


Brackets are utilized to connect panels, pickets, or rails. For this reason, they are essential for vinyl fencing. 


Some people want to have a gate in the fence. So that they can go to the lawn from anywhere is beneficial for them. 

Parts of Wrought Iron Fence 

Generally, wrought iron is a kind of iron alloy. There is very little carbon in them. The parts of a wrought iron fence are:


Posts are square in size. They stick to the ground. To support the fence, they are used a lot. 


The function of the column is the same as the post. A lot of materials may be used to produce different types of columns. They add another level of beauty to the wrought iron fence. 


Rails are made from steel. They are placed horizontally. Through them, the panels are connected with the posts. 


Pickets are placed vertically. They stand between the posts for making the fence.    


Brackets are steel-made parts. They connect the rails to the posts. Their function is to strengthen the bond between the two.


They are spiky pattern pieces. Their positions are between the pickets of your fence. 

Fencing Company Austin


It is a u-shaped frame. They can move on the right side, left side, and the bottom, as well as the gate of your fence. 


Q: What Is the Specialty of Wrought Iron?

A: Wrought iron is a strong material. They don’t rust, rot, and get caught by pests, and they are not iron but are upgraded in many ways. They are very much durable, and you can use them for fencing company Austin.

Q: What Is Vinyl?

A: Vinyl is not a natural material. It is plastic made from ethylene. It is the result of modern technology. Humans produced it in the laboratory. Later they were created for industrial use for a considerable amount. People use it as a replacement for wood. 

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