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Everyday Problems of Water Heater | Oahu Plumber

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Problems of Water Heater | Oahu Plumber

One of the essential appliances of the house is the water heater. When it starts to show problems, we cannot accept that. Because every day we use them several times. But they don’t have only one or two issues; they have so many cases you may have already or are yet to face. But the Oahu plumbers will fix them, and you will be able to use them again. The issues are:

Water Leakage

Among the other issues, water leakage is the most seen issue of a water heater. It is almost impossible to find one heater which has not leaked once in its lifetime. Rust in the tank gradually creates tiny cracks. Thus, the water drips again. Leaking from the top indicates that the connections are not tight enough. The pipes for cold and hot water have to be appropriately connected. When the leak is in the bottom, there is any abnormality in the condensation. You can turn the thermostat once to solve it. But water coming out from the pressure relief valve or overflow pipe will not be easy to solve. May you need to replace your heater. 

Absence of Hot Water

You have switched on your water heater, but hot water is not coming out. You see, the water is as cold as it was earlier. The ingredients for creating heat aren’t working correctly. The electric connection may be problematic too. It is a problem with the heat source. If the same happens for the gas heater, there is a problem in the gas connection, or the pilot light is in bad condition. 

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Delay To Heat Water

The water heater of your home is delaying the heating of the water. When you are in a hurry, you will be very annoyed. It is normal. There may be an issue with the thermostat, gas connection, etc. You need to clean the parts of your heater. Thus, the problem may be solved. If not, the plumbers will help you to sort it out.  

Too Hot Water 

You want the water at a specific temperature. The problem occurs when you are getting too hot water in place of that. If you can’t get that water you want, you will have to think about your thermostat. You may need to repair or replace it. 

Need Hot Water Getting Lukewarm Water

You are getting lukewarm water where you need hot water; perhaps it is a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat generally controls the heat of the water heater. In the winter season, the requirement for hot water increases. Of course, you will try to increase the thermostat’s temperature then. A loose connection of the wire may be another reason for not getting enough hot water. Talk to the plumbers now. 

Smell Coming from The Water

Sometimes, the water coming from your heater has a strange smell. The presence of bacteria can create the scent. Besides, the water you are using may have a problem too. That smell of rotten egg can’t be accepted. The professionals may help you in this matter. 

Noisy Water Heater 

None of us like the disturbance of noise, wherever it is coming from. The same may happen in the case of your water heater. When the switch is on, it produces noises like knocking, hissing and others. May there be a lot of solid ingredients in the lower part of your tank. In addition, there may be a leak in the heater. Look for it. 

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Discolored Water 

When your water heater delivers you discolored water, maybe it is the color of the rust. Rust may grow up inside the tank. There are chances to find corrosion in the tank or the anode or too. You cannot leave it like this. Later you will have to go for a replacement.  

You can always get the option to contact the Oahu plumbers to fix your water heater issue. When you see that it has been many years, you are using it, and it is giving you a lot of hard times, then you have to replace it. 


Q: How Much Does a Water Heater Last?

A: Well, it varies the kind you are using. On average, a water heater lasts for 8-12 years. A tankless water heater may last for 20 years. The electric ones have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Those are gas heaters that last for 8-12 years. 

Q: When Do You Have to Replace Your Water Heater?

A: This is a very relevant question for a water heater. When your one is already ten years older and having issues now and then, it is time for the replacement. It is the suggestion of the plumber Oahu. The warranty of your heater will give you an exact idea about that. 

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