Frequently Asked Questions: Content Writing Companies

As a client, you will want to know more about our services. It is very normal. As the best content writing companies, we will love to answer all of your queries. Curious audiences are our most appreciated people. Now, we will let you know about our proficiency and trustworthy services.

A bunch of enthusiastic writers is the soul of the Unique Content Provider. A lot of people from different backgrounds work in our team. You will be stunned to know that even doctors, engineers, and people from other professions have joined our team. It is not that we have accepted everyone who wanted to work with us. Indeed, we have only chosen the best ones after testing their abilities as expert writers. 

Unique Content Provider has varieties of services. Services we offer for you are- blog content, website content, social media content, SEO optimized content, SEO copywriting, technical writing, news writing, product description, SEO content editing, editing & proofreading, Email marketing writing, press release writing, feature writing, scriptwriter, instructional design, and SOP writing. 

You need to complete the order process first. After that, we will look thoroughly at your project and your requirements. It will take some time, like one or two days. For more significant projects, we need more time. Finally, we will start working on your project. With the particular pattern of your writing, we hand over your project to a specific and expert writer.  

It will never happen that we will not be able to complete your requirements. Every time we handle a project, we let the best writer write it for our clients. Thus, there is no confusion between our clients and us.

Of course, we can. Blogging is one of the most significant projects so far. We post SEO-optimized content on the blogs. Each post is relevant and eye-catching to hold the attention of the reader. Our trained writers know very well how to post blogs on WordPress.

Yes. You will be the sole owner of any types of content you order. Your content will have only your name when we publish it. Besides, nobody else will get that copy from us in the future. When you complete the payment, we will deliver our work to you. From that moment, we have no right to the content. We keep your name as the author in the author’s section to post the content on your website. 

SEO-optimized content is our best strategy to rank your content and bring more traffic to your site. Since the beginning of our writing agency, we have been providing our clients with the facility.

Of course, we do. Providing our clients with 100% unique content is the most important thing we have followed. Our reputation has increased among our clients because we have offered plagiarism-free content to our clients every time.

We use all premium software and tools for our content. Grammarly and Surfer SEO are our two main tools and software. We don’t miss the editing and proofreading of our content before delivering it to our clients. Our editorial team handles it very efficiently.

Like our clients, we always value our client’s views. Although we write our content, it is almost impossible to get negative feedback from the clients. But, in case you want us to change any part according to your requirement, we will do it at once. In addition, we will edit and proofread it too. If you still dislike the content, you don’t have to pay us for the content.

Yes, we do it. Some of our clients’ projects need one piece of content per day. We gladly provide them with it.

Sure, we can. We understand your urgent situation. So, we have kept an option for our clients who need urgent writing services.

Sure. When you trust us to be responsible for your content length, we will accept that gladly. We will conduct thorough research on the website of your competitor. It will help us to know how many words your content should be. Just call us or mail us with your query.

After completion of your content, we will send it to you. We will wait for three days to get your response. We think you have accepted the content if you don’t say anything. For our basic package, we go for revision only. But for our premium and advanced packages, we have a system of unlimited revision. You can check everything on our packages.

You can inform us about another revision by sending us an email anytime. Our team will prioritize your requirement to edit and proofread your content.

Why not? You will have to talk to the writer about your requirements when it is your project. Thus, the writer will get clear ideas about your condition. You will guide them about the necessary information. When you provide them with detailed information, it will be easy for them to provide you with well-written content.

Our high-quality article writing services have already let you know about the variations of our service. We work on so many types that you will be able to order anything you like. Maybe it is blogs, websites, email, product descriptions, social media content, SEO-optimized content, etc.

We are also on our team people from foreign countries who are native English speakers and nonnative English speakers. But the writing quality of the nonnative speakers is so good that you will not be able to distinguish between the two. Only you can write appropriately in your mother tongue; it is not valid. Many writers of our team can write and speak in 2-3 languages fluently.

Yes, you may. Many of our clients have let us handle their projects earlier too. Our project coordinator and manager will take responsibility for making your project a success.

Of course, we never missed the deadlines of our projects. According to the size of your project, we will deliver it to you. If it is short, you may receive it within a day. For more significant projects, it will need more time. We will not let the quality of the writing affect us due to delivering it early because quality is the most important fact to us.  

You can let us know about your requirements to receive a file. If it is beneficial for you to get a ZIP file, we will send it to you. In addition, we can send you the files in google docs or PDF format if you want.  

Yes, we do. Unique Content Provider has an account to let you pick photos from the limitless images we have from valid sources.

Ye, you can. But we will appreciate it if you give us advance notice as early as possible for the cancellation. It will be beneficial for you as well as both of us. Besides, we can resume anytime you want us to start the project again.

Yes, we do. Content updating and rewriting are also our expertise. If anyone asks for these, we will agree to work with them. Besides, we have worked on continuous content updates on any website for a long time. 

Yes. We work not only within the boundaries of our country, but we have clients all over the world. Most of our clients communicate with us online via Skype, zoom, google meet, or phone. We have even conducted meetings with them virtually many times.

The cost of content depends on the required words. Your web page may need one piece of content on each page. It is up to you how many words you want the content to be. You can look for our pricing page to get ideas about the cost when you fix that.

To write content, the factors related to it are research, planning, writing, editing, and proofreading. When we fix our charges, we consider all these facts.

We never add any hidden charges for our services. We have clearly stated what we consider for charges to our clients before starting their project.

For the advantage of our clients, we accept almost all kinds of payment methods. You can also use credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and bank transfer methods.

For more extensive and more prolonged projects, we generally try to offer discounts to our clients. As we have already developed a trusting relationship, we can do this much to make them happy. We have tried our best always, to become the superior content writing companies among many.