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Solutions for Clogged Sewer Line: Orange County Plumbing 

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Clogged Sewer Line: Orange County Plumbing 

Clogged sewer lines issues will make you suffer a lot of it is not fixed quickly. Orange County plumbing will give you the required solution to solve this issue. Sewer lines are a sensitive issue in any place, residential or commercial. But the trouble will begin when it is clogged, and you will not be able to use the lines. It is very disgusting. You will understand when you face it once.

When Do You Understand the Sewer Line Is Clogged?

Clog does not build up in a day. It takes enough time. But the problem may decrease if you can detect it in advance before growing big. Like, the wastewater may run through your place. You may check for the following signs if you want to be sure about the issues:

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Discolored Water

When there is a clog, the water or solid waste will be stuck in the system. The water can’t pass through the lines. It may create a backup too. Towards the lowest point, the water tries to reach. So, your shower water may not pass. A lot of dirty water will be mixed, returning to you. To fix this disgusting issue, you need to consult with a plumber as early as possible.

Slow Movement of Drain Water 

It happens that the water in your drain is not moving quickly. Instead, the water is taking time for that. Situations like this arise when there is a clog somewhere in the sewer line. But it has not blocked the way of the pipe. Garbage starts to grow there. Finally, it becomes tough for the water to pass.

Strange Sounds

Because of the clog in the line, you may have heard some strange sounds. Gurgling or hissing sounds you will probably hear. The reason behind this sound is a water bubble. The bubbles are created from your toilet’s flushing, utilizing the washing machine and running the sink. Through their function together, the sound is produced.

Solutions For Clogged Sewer Line: Orange County Plumbing

Because of the clogged sewer line, you may want to leave your home. The unpleasant situations we face are intolerable. We will suggest you take some steps quickly when there are situations like this in your home:

Reduce The Pressure

After seeing the signs of a clogged sewer, the first thing you have to do is turn off your water from the central supply system. Look for the cleanout line. A sewer cleanout line is a maximum, white-colored short pipe of 3 to 4 inches. It is sealed with the help of a screw-on cap. Now, you’ve got what you were looking for. Start by removing the lid. As a result, the pressure of the line will be released.

Use Of Chemical 

Some chemicals help to remove the tree roots from your sewer line. Even tree roots can cause a block in the line. Using copper sulfate through flushing your toilet may help you. But this chemical runs very quickly. So, you have to repeat it a few times. Besides, copper sulfate is not safe for the sewer system. So, in some areas, its use is prohibited. Another chemical is the herbicide dichlobenil, a foam to clean the roots. After flushing it from your toilet, it stays with the pipes. A few hours later, the tree roots are cleaned. But you may need a month to eradicate the roots from your sewer lines.

Mechanical Cleaning

The plumbers follow some steps to unclog the sewer lines. The most reliable one is the plumber’s snake or the auger. In this way, the plumbers try to reach the clogged materials into the drain. Thus the debris can be broken or bring them out.

Orange County Plumbing

Using Camera

When the problem of the clogged lines is not found, the camera can help a lot. To see the situation inside the line, the visual is very important. The camera is tiny in size. So, it can easily reach the place of the problems.

To solve the sewer line issues, you have to go for the Orange County plumbing whenever you cannot fix the sewer line problems by yourself. It will be the best thing you can do!

Q: What Should I Do First If There Is a Sign of Clogged Water In My Sewer Line?

A: The first thing you will do is turn off the water. You cannot solve the problem, but you will be able not to make the situation worse.

Q: Should I Try to Fix My Sewer Line Issues Or Go For A Professional?

A: You should ask yourself whether you have the expertise to do Orange County plumbing. If you don’t, you may make the situation worse. So, it is good for you to take the assistance of the experts.

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