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The Concrete Contractors Seattle: Different Types of Sidewalks 

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The concrete contractors Seattle installs the sidewalks in the area. Sidewalks are essential for safety and adding a beautiful look. Different types of sidewalks you will find in the marketplace. You need to know which sidewalks will suit your choice. Today we will discuss the types of sidewalks here. Thus, you will be able to pick one from them: 

Types Of Sidewalks 

Not all the sidewalks are the same. Each one has different uses and features. The width of a sidewalk mainly depends on the class. The use of robust materials will be safe, and it will also be according to the municipal codes. Contact with Concrete Contractors Seattle.

Primary Walkways

Perhaps you have already seen a lot of primary walkways. Because it is the frequently used walkway, this walkway will take you to the front doors. Two people may easily walk side by side in this walkway. You can go to the walkway from your bedroom to a separate garage a primary walkway. Because of its heavy use, you can use more substantial and bigger materials to construct it.

Thus, you can quickly eliminate snow and other unnecessary weeds whenever you want. Besides, the amount of dust will be less than earlier. Materials like brick and concrete slabs are the most used materials for primary walkways. Please keep the minimum width of the ways 4 feet.

Concrete Contractors Seattle
Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of buildings in construction site.

Secondary Walkways

Secondary walkways are seen mainly on the side of any house. One or two people can walk together in this walkway. If you want, you can use different materials to construct it. The one you will build towards your garden; gravel is good for it. Also, the secondary walkway can be a part of the backside of your house or garage.

Then it works as a primary walkway. But you have to build it with very strong materials. Because to utilize the ways throughout the year will need strong materials. The sideway has to endure weather, summer, winter, rainy, etc. You should build it with one and a half to four feet. A wheelchair can pass the width will be like this. Keep it in mind.

Tertiary Walkways

Among all the other walkways, tertiary walkways are utilized less comparatively than others. It is also the smallest in size. Any kinds of materials you can use to build it. It is enough to walk for one person. The added beauty of your garden with this sideways will attract your visitor’s eye.

You cannot use tertiary walkways to carry heavy things from one place to another. Gravel, and flagstones, are some materials you can use to build these walkways. The walkways can be rough and have round-shaped stones with them. The ideal width of this walkway will be one- and one-half feet to two- and one-half feet. 

Materials Of Sidewalk

People used to walk in ancient times on the earthen road. But now, we use different types of materials for sidewalks. For both the rural and urban walkways, many materials are used to build sidewalks. The materials may have different characteristics and longevity. But all of them give a beautiful look.


Bricks were the ruler of construction once. Day by day, there came a lot of varieties. The beautiful look and long-lasting features make bricks unique. Bricks are easily installed. For hot walkways, you can use bricks without any hesitation. But other plant roots can easily enter into bricks. It is a very disappointing feature of bricks. 

Concrete And Cement Slab

On both the rural and urban sidewalks, concrete slabs are seen. They are very long-lasting and with low maintenance. To build sidewalks with these materials is very tough. Besides, they take a long time to dry. To repair slabs is very problematic too. Tree roots can enter them easily. Then the slabs may need to replace.


A flat shape is the basic structure of flagstones. They have some other shapes also. Their edges don’t let them sit together easily. To fill the gaps between sand, gravel, and other materials are used. Flagstones are not strong like bricks or concrete.

Concrete Contractors Seattle
Laying down new pavement in residential neighborhood

Other Materials 

You can use other walkway materials: gravel, crushed stone, sand, and precast concrete. Some uncommon materials are asphalt, wood chips, baby’s breath (garden paths), synthetic running tracks, treated wood, etc.

Last Words

Sidewalks are extra but more minor in size ways in your house or beside your house. You can use Concrete Contractors Seattle besides other materials to construct sidewalks. It depends mainly on your taste, and which will be the function of your sidewalks.

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