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Fence Installer Austin for Uneven Ground 

Are you confident that your household or commercial area is even for fencing? Sometimes, our eyes are confused. Because if you have no expertise in this matter, you may be mistaken too. The common cause is that the maximum grounds are uneven. We don’t realize that while we are working over that. As your fence installer Austin, we have built many fences on uneven floors. 

Uneven Ground and Difficulties to Build a Fence

A little bit of rugged ground is ok for fencing. It can be done quickly. But it is very challenging for fencing when the soil is very uneven or sloped. Over flat ground, you can build up any fence soon. But the sloppy ground will give you pain because the basic structure needs to be strong. On the slope places, it is very tough to do. We follow three specific methods for the fence on your slope or uneven ground. They are: 

Racking Fences

The new method of racking fences arrived not more than 25 years ago. But its growing popularity influences people to use it. They are prefabricated fencing panels. Here already, the pickets are connected to rails through the hinges. The posts are kept at various levels. Their rails have to follow the slope of the angle. By remaining straight, the hinged pickets also follow the slope of the rail. For almost every grade, these fences have a solution. The look will be appealing of these fences. There is no need for any kinds of calculations for that either. The cost of labor is not too high. The recommended slope will be a maximum of 10º or less than that. The racking fences are open for the steeper grades. But they need a level and soft surface. 

Fence Installer Austin

Stepped Fencing

Stepped fencing is an excellent option for you to fight the steep slope. Each panel is set up one step before the previous one. But the lines of an even ground you will not see here. It will cover the steep slope. They do not install sloped fence lines. Stepped fencing has other specific characteristics. After fencing, there is a free space between the sloping surface and panel separately. This space is not good for the protection of your kids and pets. You will have to plant trees or build up a garden to solve this problem. You may close the small space with shrubs.

Level-Topped Fence

Not everyone’s ground is sloped. But there are some grounds with rippling structures. In addition, there may be hollow spaces too. For these types of land, level-topped fences are the solution. It is better to build up the fence by planting other small trees or gardening. Planting bushes will be an extra advantage for you. When there are big holes in your land, you can fill them with soil and rocks if it is necessary. 

Custom Fencing

Maybe your field has problems like slopes, rippling surfaces, dips, and other issues. You should go for custom fencing then. For custom fencing, to fit the fences with the ground, they are cut in specific sizes. Different types of fencing may be done for custom fencing. Wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, corrugated metal, masonry, etc., can be used for fencing your ground. 


Q: Do I Have to Level My Uneven Ground for Fencing?

A: If your ground is level to the extent that it can be made even by filling them a little bit, you can think about this. But it does not happen in most cases. Too much uneven ground is too hard to level. Then you have to leave this idea. 

Q: Is It Possible to Tight Fence Board Together?

A: When you have a solid fence, it can be done by keeping a space. But the wooden fences may show the difference in their length in different weather. They can expand or shrink too. 

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